Our Latest News...

23rd November 2017

Our animal weighing gives us a surprises! 

In order to keep all our animals in top condition, we regularly weigh them. This lets us know if there are any underlying health issues and also lets us know if anyone needs their diets adjusting. Our armadillos are no exeptions. With the last weighing it has been reported that one of our females has had a weight increase. We are hoping that this is one of the signs that we maybe expecting a baby in the new year! 

28th October 2017

Our newest arrivals are whipping up a storm!!!

We have recently be joined by a new group of young Tailless Whip Scorpoins. This strange animal is a large species of scorpion. When fully grown they can reach over 30cms! Even though they look extremely scary, these guys don't have the classic scorpion stinger so are harmless. Catch these guys at our encounters very soon! 

19th September 2017

Bull Frogs are eating us out of house and home!

Our young Bull Frogs are growing bigger every day. Their diet consists of mice and insects. The bull frog makes no effort in catching its food and instead, waits for its food to wander past before gulping it up in one mouthful. Now nearly fully grown, why not include them in your Animal Encounter to see these very inpressive (if not slightly lazy) beasts!