Frequently Asked Questions...

Are any of the animals used dangerous? 

No. The animals which are chosen for the Animal Encounters have gone through intense handling and training to ensure that they are suitable. Not all animals would be suitable for this type of encounter. Therefore, they would never be used.


What type of animals are used? 

We will bring between 6- 10 animals depending on the timescale. This will range from a large selection of unusual invertebrates, friendly reptiles and strange mammals.


Why should I have an Animal Party? My friend had one. Won't they be the same? 

No. All parties are catered to individual requirements. With a wide selection of animals available and the unpredictability of the encounters, we can guarantee a different experience everytime!


How much will an Animal Encounter cost me? 

The price will be dependant on time, distance travelled and personal requirements for your Animal Encounter. For a quotation at a competitive price, please use our contact page