Animals About... What we do!

Animals About is dedicated to educating children about the world of animals. Using stimulating, interactive talks, with live animals, children will experience and learn about the many strange and unusual creatures that surround us, in a way that will stay with them forever.


Our talks are modelled to suit all age groups and events. Sessions can cover a diverse range of topics, including such subjects as habitats, predator prey and even nocturnal animals. They can also be personalised to cover specific elements of your curriculum and aid natural history understanding within the classroom.


Our sessions can be booked for a maximum of 35 pupils. This ensures that everyone within the group is able to gain the most from the experience and allows each student to take part. Multiple talks are available and day bookings will allow whole schools to gain from the experience.


We are able to provide a wide variety of animals. This will keep your audience gripped and help them to understand the animals, their habitat and the environmental and conservational issues surrounding each species. The animals exhibited can range from creepy crawlies to unusual mammals. With this variety, we will be able to answer questions such as... How many legs does a millipede have? How do snakes move? Who eats who in the food chain? Why do spiders shed their skin? Why do skunks smell?


For your own peace of mind, Animals About is covered by Public Liability Insurance and all staff are Disclosure Checked.


Prices will be determined by the hour and distance travelled. For personal quotations and further information, please contact Animals About. We are happy to answer any queries to ensure we can provide the animal encounter that suits your personal requirements.


Our talks provide a vital, hands on way of learning, which is like no other. With animals in such close contact, your audience will gain from the experience and ensure that they will leave with a fuller knowledge and understanding of the animals we share our planet with.